North Dakota Safety Council Headquarters, Bismarck, ND


North Dakota Safety Council Headquarters, Bismarck, ND


The North Dakota Safety Council is a private, non-profit organization committed to promoting safe work practices throughout the state. Serving thousands each year, their training and education programs deserved a world-class facility where NDSC staff could reach more people with a new and expanded lineup of safety courses taught in a more memorable way.

Consolidated’s team first assisted NDSC in master planning, developing a phased approach to capital improvements that would meet their budget and fundraising requirements. Phase I of the new NDSC campus includes a nearly 5,000 square foot hands-on training lab featuring a rescue tower and equipment to be utilized during high-level fall protection, confined space rescue, rope rescue and safe scaffold assembly courses. The facility also incorporates distance learning, a 30-person computer lab, equipment simulators and mobile training units. During Phase II a dirt floor arena and community room were added to train on heavy equipment and host community safety events.

After a thorough vetting process, Consolidated was selected for our new training facility not only because they had the resources to design and build, but even more importantly because I completely trusted their commitment to the NDSC as a company and to our project. Knowing there would be some differences throughout the building process, I had complete faith Consolidated would always be fair with us and would do what it took to make the final product special. With the master plan we worked with Consolidated to develop, we now have a functional and one-of-a-kind training facility, and a plan for growth to adapt and excel in safety training for years to come. It fits our needs perfectly and we couldn’t more happier and more proud of our facility.
Chuck Clairmont
Executive Director, North Dakota Safety Council

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  • Aggressive pre-construction schedule avoided winter conditions costs
  • Design features include offices, training facilities, conference rooms, training auditorium, and public spaces
  • Redirected more than $100,000 in potential engineered fill costs toward lower level usable space
  • Marketing to local bidders resulted in bid savings of more than $200,000