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A Single Source for All Your Construction Solutions

For more than 70 years, Consolidated has been a single source for specialized services and a personalized construction experience not found in larger organizations.

Our services are just that: Consolidated. We assemble an integrated team to deliver all of your building needs. Our streamlined process, coupled with an open-book, transparent system for ensuring value and trust, has given rise to our lasting reputation and growth. We even captured national attention by earning America’s most prestigious awards for design/build ingenuity and value engineering return three times.

Consolidated’s unique approach is based on a collaborative Project Delivery Process that is designed to reduce project risk, improve quality and deliver projects on time and within budget. Ours is a lean, clearly mapped process that keeps our customers, architects, project managers, crews, and subcontractors on the same page at all times. The net result is a better project with:

  • Scope and budget that meets operating pro forma
  • Design that is refined early on, in collaboration with you
  • Fewer project risks
  • More efficient construction schedule
  • Higher quality builds and a more satisfying process for all involved

To make this approach most effective, we’ve assembled on-staff experts in each of the areas of economic development, architecture, construction, and service. Our ability to fully understand each of these areas puts us in the best position to manage our projects. Our project team becomes a true extension of the developer, providing leadership in every critical phase.

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