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Consolidated’s in-house Economic Development services are a strategic response to address financing challenges faced by potential customers. Our experts have worked collaboratively with local and national financial institutions and are credited with saving new construction and expansion projects that would not have progressed.

We offer our services to customers for a variety of expansion opportunities, from buildings to equipment and employees. We have served both large corporations and small businesses and have become recognized as the economic development partner of many well-known companies.

Turning Your Vision Into Reality
By first understanding your operations and vision, our experts will assist you in achieving your desired results. Long-term strategy and planning are first and foremost in the process. We’ll also analyze the future impact of your project and economic contribution to the community. By conducting economic analysis, we quantify the impact of your growth in employment and community development to build a strong case for your investment.

That’s why a call to Consolidated is the first one you should make. Our clients report meaningful rates of return on their investment, and the highest returns when we’re contacted early in the planning stages. We locate funding and financing opportunities for all phases of your growth, explain your options, develop the operating pro forma, complete the applications, and tenaciously represent your best interests.


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