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Senior Living and Multi-Family Communities

Senior Living Apartment
senior living
Senior Living Apartment
Next-generation Senior and Living Communities that offer Safety, Privacy, and Dignity

Senior and Multi-Family Living

The decision to move into a senior living community is a difficult—and often emotional—time for a family. We understand and support the unique needs of this respected group of people, and we work with you to design and build homes that provide the space and amenities required to maintain dignity, safety, and quality of care.

This includes incorporating state-of-the art equipment, natural light, and better sightlines for caregivers to provide the best care possible, improving resident’s lives and increasing retention of caregiver staff. And we help you out-market the competition, operate more efficiently, and achieve higher revenue by using our experience and vision to help reduce operating costs, attract higher rents, and deliver great environments for your residents.

With Consolidated Construction leading the delivery of your multifamily residential project, be assured we bring the same lean and efficient methods that meet the high standards of our health care, hospitality, and commercial projects. You’ve got lease agreements on the line; we’ve got the systems in place to meet
your critical schedule deadlines. Whether you own thousands of units or you’re new to the market, our team of experts will guide you through the process, marrying the design to your budget and providing open-book competitive bidding to ensure the best value. From townhomes to apartments, modular to custom, we’ve got the experience and diversity to deliver exactly what you need.