Self-Perform Capabilities

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Self Perform Capabilities

Consolidated self-performance crews are highly respected in the market, and an integral part of our 70-year history. As our company has grown, so has our ability to self-perform skilled trade work to provide added value, quality control and scheduling benefits for our clients. We have experienced great success utilizing our own labor, as we can effectively train and manage high-quality performance, with focused attention to detail, safe work practices, and productivity.

Our tradesmen are knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced at working collaboratively with other trades on-site to avoid unnecessary delays. Our goal is to deliver the most efficient, high quality and cost effective project possible. 

Consolidated Construction has poured millions of square feet of concrete. By employing our own craftsmen and placing foremen with an average 18 years of experience at each project’s helm, Consolidated’s specialized concrete division assures continuous quality control and effective cost management of every job. Quality is kept top-of-mind as we use state-of-the-art laser screed technology and laser levels and grades to guarantee concrete flatness.

Steel forms the backbone and structural integrity of almost every manufacturing and warehouse facility. At Consolidated, we got our start erecting steel buildings in 1950, and for the past 70 years, we have been honing and perfecting our steel erection skills and processes. Today, we strive to make our steel crew a composite crew, and train to ensure they are cross-functional, able to perform many different tasks, and are proficient at both pre-engineered buildings and structural steel erection. With an average experience of over 12 years, each member of the crew uses the best materials to create top-quality results.

The results of top-notch finish carpentry are visible every day in your cabinetry, trim, doors, and hardware. Functional or decorative, our carpenters ensure that every last detail is finished to your satisfaction. The addition of interior systems installation and specialty carpentry to Consolidated Construction’s range of services through the acquisition of Vincent Wood Works in 2016 heightens our ability to complete projects on time and on budget.