Fox Valley Humane Association

Fox Valley Humane Association


Consolidated and architect Blue Design Group worked together to generate enthusiasm for the project, encouraging the involvement of subcontractors in the area who could help through donations. During the bidding process, sub-contractors were asked to submit bids and indicate what they were willing to provide as a donation, either in-kind or cash at the end of the project. 25 sub-contractors provided their support for this project, totaling more than $90,000.

Labor savings on the project were realized through the use of volunteers, including those from the Outagamie County Jail Sanger B. Powers work release program. Hundreds of volunteers helped with landscaping, construction and moving the FVHA into their new building. These activities were integrated into the project schedule and budget.

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  • Extensive use of fundraising, in-kind donations and volunteer assistance.
  • Spacious and calming main lobby and reception area.
  • Private offices offer discreet, confidential meeting areas.
  • Multiple education rooms host volunteer orientations and other educational gatherings.
  • “Get acquainted” rooms give people and animals a quiet, private space to meet and interact with each other.
  • This project was awarded a Wisconsin Builders Magazine Top Project award and an ABC of Wisconsin Merit Award.