Central Storage & Warehouse


Central Storage & Warehouse


Consolidated Construction has worked on nine different facilities for Central Storage and Warehouse. Our most challenging effort came at the Madison location. In 1990’s, nearly half of the property was destroyed in the state’s largest commercial fire to date, causing the evacuation of nearly 3,000 neighboring residents, and destroying 42 percent of the cold storage facility’s 500,000 square feet. Losses topped $89 million in facility, equipment, and 30 million pounds of contracted frozen food.

Twenty years after the fire, CSW found itself with business booming, a client in need of additional freezer space, capital reserves, and an economic climate just right for expansion. CSW needed a fast-track schedule in order to rebuild its lost warehouse space and satisfy the new client. Under normal circumstances, the expansion should have lasted approximately 100 construction days. However, thanks to Consolidated’s streamlined project delivery system and dedicated project supervision team, that schedule was reduced to 76 days from groundbreaking to cool down. It also was accomplished with zero overtime.

This project earned a Gold Projects of Distinction Award from Associated Builders and Contractors.

Given our experiences with some other general contractors, we were at first very skeptical that the job could be completed in the allotted time, but Consolidated’s assurances and enthusiasm convinced us to proceed. Now, less than 90 days later, we have a completed facility, done on schedule, with no cut corners, and an impressive standard of quality. We were consistently amazed by CCC’s responsiveness during construction, the smooth integration of their crews and all of their subs, and the speed with which the project came together.  I would highly recommend Consolidated as a company that can get the job done fast and done right.
John Winegarden
President, Central Storage & Warehouse

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  • A strong start was critical and was made possible because our in-house design ran simultaneously with our self-performance team. The collaboration made it possible to order long lead time items and begin construction without completion of the entire design
  • We worked aggressively with the municipality to get early-start permits and accelerated inspections
  • Sequencing was also critical:
    –Pouring concrete as early in the schedule as possible, and prior to steel erection ensured adequate cure time
    –Working around some existing foundations posed potential challenges. Proper planning provided that we were ready before these obstacles landed on the critical path
  • 75% of the construction was done by Consolidated’s self-perform crews, specifically on concrete and steel
ABC Award Gold