Valley City Hi-Liner Athletic Complex, Valley City, ND

Valley City Hi-Liner Athletic Complex, Valley City, ND


The Valley City School Board had been able to maintain their existing facilities, yet faced competing priorities for future maintenance. Issues at their Hanna Field complex included the need for a football practice field, softball field, resurfaced track, ticketing, concessions, and restrooms.

In addition, the parking area needed attention, as did the drainage, and power. Projects were prioritized based on the urgency of repair, the risks of deferring work, educational goals, and ability to fund without a tax increase.

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  • The facility features 56 apartments that can accommodate 64 residents, and 24 new jobs were created to help manage and run the property
  • The interior design fosters a ‘neighborhood’ concept throughout the building, including a centrally located common area, where residents gather and socialize
  • High-end amenities like a spa, bistro, lounge, chef services, and the Life Enrichment Center were incorporated, with the understanding that residents spend 100% of their time on this campus, and therefore, expect features that go beyond traditional senior care facilities
  • Much of the construction took place offsite, including the manufacturing of panelized wall sections used as the bones of the building