Airgas Retail and Fill Plant, Appleton, WI


Airgas Retail and Fill Plant, Appleton, WI


There’s something a little bit unsettling about designing a building to explode, especially if it isn’t part of a Hollywood set. So Consolidated kept its focus on the alternative as it designed and built a 43,000-square-foot headquarters for Airgas in Appleton.

We created a state-of-the-art ventilation and alarm system for the project to help prevent explosions in the new building, which contains a variety of combustible materials. When they are present at a dangerous level, the system sounds an alarm, turns on a high-volume exhaust fan that pumps three times the required amount of air through the building to diffuse the danger, and drops fire doors to protect openings to other areas of the building.

The overall system meets the company’s needs so well, it is being used for new Airgas buildings nationwide. All told, Consolidated Construction has worked on 28 Airgas building projects.

This project earned a Projects of Distinction Gold Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, and a Top Projects Award from Wisconsin Builder Magazine.

Airgas faces unique challenges in our building needs. We strive for both safety and customer convenience, however, that’s a delicate balance to strike when your chief products are industrial gases. With Consolidated, every step in the process is taken very personally. They’ve navigated us through complicated planning and permitting procedures in multiple municipalities, always there to back us up or represent us when our personnel were busy handling day-to-day business operations. They’ve championed cost savings and sustainable options, making our Elk Grove Village facility a model of our environmental philosophy and a budget saver.

Mike Cotteleer
Vice President, Package Gas Operations

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  • Pre-engineered metal building with vehicle access, maintenance
  • Meets stringent Code requirements for storage of hazardous materials
  • Innovative gas-sensing systems provide early detection of potentially hazardous conditions
  • Multi-faceted safety system throughout the building, including alarms, ventilation, and separation of work areas
ABC Award Gold