If Speed to Market Important, Think Design-Build Construction!

Jeremy Walker has more than 23 years of experience in design-build construction with Consolidated Construction, the past 4 years as the strategic account manager for the food/beverage and manufacturing markets.

Are you thinking about a new construction project, but concerned it will take too long to build? If “speed to market” is a primary concern, partnering with the right design-build contractor is the best way to make your project a reality.

Design-build is a construction delivery method in which the Owner, architect, and general contractor work as a consolidated team to design and execute a construction project. This method promotes a collaborative environment, with all parties involved with every critical project decision from start to finish.

Having the contractor involved from the beginning means instant adjustments can be made to budgetary estimates, project schedules can be optimized, and constructability recommendations can be made as design decisions are made. Just as important, potential issues are caught and resolved during the design process, instead of as the building is being constructed.

A unique advantage of the design build approach is it allows the early stages of the project (ex: site work, foundations, structural aspects, etc.) to start before the building design is complete. This can result in significant time and cost savings.

We understand the value of turning your design into a constructible project quickly in order to meet your customers demand or your bottom line. Here are 6 more important benefits that you’ll experience by choosing a design build construction partner:

  1. Total project planning, budgeting, permitting and scheduling is done on a parallel path to construction
  2. Design build creates single-source responsibility and accountability for design, cost analysis, project management, and construction
  3. Early cost analysis to ensure budget expectations are being met; saving time and money by not overdesigning or having to redesign
  4. Gaps and overlaps are eliminated through a disciplined, collaborative process and clear communication
  5. Communications are more frequent across all parties, so information isn’t lost in translation
  6. Expedited scheduling and construction speed results in faster overall project delivery

Correctly executed, the design-build delivery method can result in significant cost savings and faster speed-to-market for your next building project, whether it’s new construction, an addition, or a renovation.


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