September 19, 2019

How Interior Branding Can Benefit Your Business

Brian Vincent LG




Your building represents a powerful tool to express your company’s identity and values to customers, visitors, and employees. It’s important to use this prime real estate to communicate your company’s brand promise.

Strive to incorporate your company’s identity throughout all aspects of interior design and architecture, including color, lighting, art, and floor plans. If you have a reception area, does it convey the personality of your company in a welcoming, professional manner? What kind of vibe does your lobby exude? What about the quality of materials in these public areas? Does your break room make employees feel valued in order to build loyalty and camaraderie?

Creating a branded workspace doesn’t need to break the bank, but it does require attention to detail. Start by determining what qualities are essential to your company’s story, and identify the most important attributes of your brand. Then, consult an architect or interior designer who can help identify ways to incorporate these attributes into your physical space. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Think of interior branding as the first step in delivering the ultimate “user experience” to customers and employees alike.

Brian Vincent is the founder and former president of Vincent Wood Works, Inc. He became a voting shareholder and was appointed to Consolidated Construction’s board of directors in 2017.