January 15, 2018

Want to Attract Senior Living Customers? Locate in an Active Area

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Hotel experts know how to attract guests, operate smarter and deliver a great resident experience. So, it’s no accident that the senior living providers offering excellent healthcare in an environment that’s inspiring and cost effective to operate have the highest census and far outperform other communities.

As one of the Midwest’s leading hotel design-builders, Consolidated Construction has had the privilege working with many of these world-class hoteliers. Here’s a lesson learned you may
want to consider when building, expanding or renovating your next senior community:

Locate in an Active Area.
In today’s climate, seniors do not see moving into a senior living facility as a decision to drop out of life. They want to continue their lives and interests well into their 80s and 90s. Instead of locating your facility in a residential neighborhood or quiet street, consider locating near downtown, a college campus, YMCA or popular coffee house.

Keep this in mind when planning your next facility. If you feel like you’re living in a resort hotel,
then life is pretty darn good.

Rinn_croppedTim Rinn has more than 20 years of design‐build healthcare and senior living experience, and has assisted clients throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Consolidated Construction’s Assisted Living Team is ready to help you plan, fund, design, build or renovate your next senior living community.