May 22, 2017

When my Project is Finished, What Kind of Documentation Should I Expect to Receive?

Ask A Pro_8

Q. When my project is finished, what kind of documentation should I expect to receive?

A. Receiving proper documentation of a construction project is critical to both the contractor and the project owner. At a minimum, you should receive the following information from your contractor:

  1.  A list of contractors on the project, with contact information.
  2. Documentation of municipal compliance, including a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy. This also provides the date at which your warranty period begins. Also confirm that the project has filed its EPA Water Runoff Plan/Permit of Termination.
  3. As-built drawings. These are the original drawings marked up showing items changed during construction.
  4. An Operation and Maintenance Manual. This includes all the manuals and warranties of products that were installed in your building. You should also expect to be properly trained on all the different systems in your facility.
  5. Verification that all the punch list items have been completed and surplus materials have been left on site for future repairs, per the contract specifications.
  6. Construction photos should be shared with you throughout the project duration, documenting important installation steps and details. Professional photos taken at the end of your project are useful for future upgrade or expansion planning.