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Food & Cold Storage Projects

iaFrom responding to harvest times and  logistics, to meeting dynamic consumer needs, the unique schedule demands of your building cannot be met by just any construction company. Our experience and success in cold storage and food processing construction places a premium on speed and efficiency, consistently exceeding owner expectations and other contractors’ estimates.

Cold Storage

iaBy turning challenges into opportunities, we can get you up and running quickly so your perishable inventory is moved along in a timely manner. Yet, our crews that are empowered in both safety and quality management, we never sacrifice accurate, effective work for speed.

Several years after a devastating fire destroyed Central Storage & Warehouse Co. in Madison, Wisconsin, the family owned company slowly began to re-build. Striving to bring back customers & improve buildings, the company collaborated with Consolidated Construction to build a 42,000-square-foot freezer expansion. From groundbreaking to full cool down, our team completed the fast track project in only 76 days.

Food & Beverage

We understand the specialized needs of food and beverage environments, and the important synchronicity of construction and processing equipment installation. Consolidated Construction takes great precaution in the overall safety of everyone involved in each and every project. Our company is devoted to providing you with quality results that meet the strict maintenance and cleanliness regulations required by the FDA.

Our “big picture” experience gives us a unique perspective, resulting in an overall smoother process where small details – that could derail schedule and cost – are managed early.

Why choose Consolidated?

  • Fast-track delivery
  • On staff architects
  • Design, pre-construction estimates, project scheduling
  • Local subcontractor involvement
  • Dedicated service team for repairs, tank sets and machine foundations, renovations and minor expansions where time is of the essence.


For more information or assistance with your project:


        Jeremy Walker
        Strategic Account Manager – Food & Beverage




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