The Bottom-Line About Sustainability

It’s possible. A building can be great for the environment and your business’s profitability for years down the road. Our experts in LEED® certification and sustainability create buildings that benefit the health of people within, reduce energy usage, and cut the payback periods of the building itself. Our approach to green building is simple: implement those measures that make sense to our customers.

The Business Integration of Green

The most often heard reason for not building green is the upfront cost. Surely, it must cost more to use sustainable construction materials and techniques, right? Not so fast. Here are some facts to consider:

• Sustainable materials and systems are more affordable than ever. The industry has responded to demand and we find more options readily available and quite affordable.

• Simple features, such as natural daylighting, are low cost and carry a big impact. Studies show that improved lighting and ventilation improve employee productivity exponentially.

• Reasonable sustainable design can be incorporated into most buildings at little additional cost. (In a study of 146 green buildings across the country, the construction premium was less than 2%).

There is no simple cost list for incorporating sustainable design elements. It depends on many factors: building type, location, site conditions, climate, and the sustainable design experience of the project team. Consolidated analyzes the payback of energy improvements and green features during the design process, and provides this information to you so your return on investment is clearly understood. Our goal is to incorporate as many earth-saving features as possible while still improving your bottom line.

Green/Sustainable vs. LEED® Certified

Our LEED® Accredited Professionals apply the knowledge and practices of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating system to every project. Whether your goal is to apply green features for financial return, personal passion, corporate culture, or to achieve a LEED® Certified building, know that our team will guide you through the process with your goal in mind.

Why Design/Build is Greener

An eye-opening study was commissioned by the Charles Pankow Foundation and the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA). It found that integrated delivery construction methods, such as Consolidated’s design/build process, is superior in achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification. In fact, LEED® recognizes integrated project delivery as an innovation credit in their rating system and requires the design/build team to kick off the building project together – which happens on every Consolidated project.

Logically, early integration of construction knowledge in the design process maximizes cost-effective sustainable solutions. Ask us how we helped a food process client save over 40% in natural gas expense per year, which realized a full return on investment in less than one year.

Consolidate it. Make 1 call. We know green, and we live green. Because 90% of your day is spent indoors, let’s talk to find out where green makes sense for you.