Featured Project:

Werner Electric Supply – Appleton, WI

Featured Project

Industry– Manufacturing
Building Use – Corporate Office and Regional Distribution Center (RDC)
Size – 64,648 square foot office building and 197,417 square foot RDC
Design/Builder – Consolidated Construction
Architect – Consolidated Construction

Brand New and Electrically Fueled

Werner Electric Supply is known for its longevity in providing customers in the Midwest with the highest quality electrical products and services. Now it will also be known for its top-of-the-line regional distribution center (RDC) and new headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin._P7A1998

Werner Electric Supply chose Consolidated Construction to complete the design/ build process and manage all aspects of the construction of the new 64,648 square foot office building and 197,417 square foot RDC.

Not only did the new facility grow in size from Werner Electric Supply’s previous headquarters, it added additional infrastructure and technological advancements to help the company run more efficiently and better serve its customers. New technology in the facilities includes advanced racking, belt and conveyor systems, and ventilation in the RDC, a robust server room, solar paneling, and a Mega-Generator to back-up their own primary system during power outages – which is 1crucial to maintaining normal operations when customers have their own power and electrical supply needs.

Site Obstacles

When a job site is located on a large amount of bedrock, it can create challenges. Consolidated Construction experienced and prevailed over these challenges in the new Werner Electric Supply parking lot and building site.

Although the building had been situated around the existing bedrock as much as possible to speed construction and reduce cost, some trenching would still be required to ensure proper drainage and foundation integrity. Soil borings revealed that 700 lineal feet of trench two feet wide would be necessary with a heavy track trencher.

Following trenching and grading, Consolidated Construction’s self-perform crews were ready to lay foundations and go vertical on the conventional steel frame. Crews worked quickly and coordinated crane deliveries and hoists within restrictions of the nearby airport. Throughout construction of the high-visibility project, Werner held public tours as part of their continuing customer outreach, neighborhood relations program, and economic development efforts.

Site safety and security was paramount, as was general housekeeping, and a single site superintendent kept the project running smoothly and maintained streamlined communications with Werner on milestones and look-ahead schedules. The project ended on time with a flawless safety record and more than $400,000 under budget.

Project Highlights

The final office RDC design is truly custom to Werner Electric and includes: • Specially-sized roof members to support 20,000 square feet of photovoltaic cells. A smaller solar array was installed in front of the building.

• A 50’ x 80’ auditorium that incorporates na20160728_CCC_Werner21347tural light and modern technology. It is divisible for use with large or small groups, and addresses both small- and large-group learning with flat and tiered seating.

• Large windows with natural light and a two-story, expansive lobby for gathering.

• Various concrete floor depths, from 7” to 10”, to support product storage loads. Spools of cable and wire can be stored together for convenience, and reinforced concrete supports the extra-heavy loads. More than 80 hours of design time was spent designing and engineering concrete depths, control joint locations, aggregates and curing methods.

• Reinforced concrete and structural steel to support Werner Electric’s new Bastian Systems four-level automated pick system.

• A Generac 16.0L 1000kw Gemini industrial diesel generator, backing up Werner’s own system and used as a showroom item.

• Windows to Werner’s server room. Again, Werner uses its own functioning equipment as a tool for showcasing their products.

• Windows from the office second floor to the distribution center, giving customers and vendors an elevated view of product picking and shipping.

The End Result

Werner Electric Supply moved into its beautiful new facility with room to grow. The new RDC has increased their warehousing capacity from $22 million to $60 million, and daily shipment capacity from 4,500 lines to 10,000. The company can now hire additional employees to work out of its headquarters and continue its development within the Fox Valley.

“Consolidated Construction really took the time to understand our business requirements to help us design and build a space that best addressed our needs to better service our customers,” Teerlinck said. “The team was committed to finding creative solutions to shorten the overall lead-time of our building, from design to occupancy, without sacrificing the quality of the construction.”

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