Featured Project:

Radisson Hotel & Conference Center – Normal, IL

Featured Project

Industry – Hospitality
Building Use – Hotel and Conference Center
Size – 105,654 square feet
Design/Builder – Consolidated Construction
Architect – Stan Ramaker, AIA

Out with the Old

The Sheraton Hotel stood on the doorstep of Normal, Illinois, since the 1970s. Later rebranded to a Holiday Inn, what was once the town hotspot quickly became old news as Normal’s tourism center shifted uptown, bringing brand new hotel developments. The fading Holiday Inn closed its doors in 2005.

This was just the beginning of the property’s struggles. After multiple attempts at redevelopment ended in foreclosure, the abandoned hotel became a home for vandalism and squatters, leaving dirt and destruction in their wake.

The Radisson Hotel & Conference Center chose to “Consolidate it” with one call.

A Light on the Horizon

Swift Hospitality Group (SHG) purchased the property in 2010 and declared the hotel to be rebranded as a Radisson. The property needed major renovations, and the budget was estimated at $11 million. Given the property’s history of foreclosure, Normal’s town council put the project on hold until a more manageable budget, and absolute proof of financing, was in place.

Fast forward to 2015, SHG enlisted the help of Consolidated Construction to pare down the estimated cost of construction. Consolidated Construction was able to modify the existing architectural plans, finding efficiencies in the kitchen, restaurant, and bar areas, and identified ways to make current guest room layouts work, taking away the need for relocation of plumbing and electrical lines. Consolidated Construction also found opportunity, where others may have seen junk, in materials that had been left behind by previous developers. After hours of on-site crews sifting through materials, some were able to be salvaged and used in the new project.

Through dedication and thinking outside the box, Consolidated Construction was able to shrink the estimated budget down to $8.5 million.

In with the New

Consolidated Construction was able to completely renovate the former Holiday Inn in just 10 months. Major demolition took place, including the majority of the first and second floors and the entirety of floors three through five. Plumbing, electrical devices and fixtures, drywall and ceilings, HVAC system, life safety equipment, pool mechanicals, piping, plaster, deck and tile, and restaurant and kitchen equipment were all removed and replaced. The parking lot was refinished and islands, sidewalks, and lighting were added. The roof was upgraded and repaired. A bar was constructed, as were patios and common space entrances. The interior and exterior were all redone to meet Radisson’s brand standards, including guest rooms, conference centers, and hallways. Bathroom fixtures were replaced and elevators were redone. A new lobby, kitchen layout, and bar layout were brought on. A brand new restaurant, fitness room, and sundries room were created.

Consolidated Construction gave new life to a desolate, failed property and rejuvenated Normal’s old town center. The 5-story, 160-room Radisson Hotel and 12,000-square-foot Conference Center opened in July, 2017. Many people attended the ribbon cutting, welcoming the new hotel as they reminisced about the memories and history that the property held.

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