Featured Project:

Marion Body Works – Marion, WI

Featured Project

Marion Body Works – Marion, WI

Industry – Manufacturing
Building Use – Corporate Office, Warehouse and Production Building
Size – 18,400 square foot office headquarters and vehicle showroom and a 42,105 square foot addition to their warehouse and production building
Design/Builder – Consolidated Construction
Architect – Consolidated Construction

A Grand Expansion_p7a4449
When the people of your company are working in separate buildings and double wide trailers, you know it’s time for an expansion.That was the case for Marion Body Works, a family-owned, high-quality truck body building company requiring a much needed upgrade to its headquarters and manufacturing facilities.

Impressive growth over the past 35 years helped the company grow from $4 million to upwards of $50 million in annual revenue and staff more than 270 employees.

Marion Body Works chose Consolidated Construction to take on their expansion project, which included a new 18,400 square foot office headquarters and vehicle showroom and a 42,105 square foot addition to their warehouse and production building.

The Consolidated Construction team quickly made a strong connection with the people from Marion Body Works and worked hard to meet the client’s needs. “From our very first meeting, we felt the energy from the family,” said Consolidated Construction’s Executive Vice President, Mark Schwei. “It drove our team. We became personally invested in their success.”

With less than a year between the groundbreaking and ribbon cutting ceremonies, the project also included many enhancements along the way. This allowed Consolidated Construction to prove it could accommodate deadlines with ongoing upgrades to a job in order to fulfill the customer’s needs. With no lost time, no accidents, and 55 various project upgrade requests, Consolidated Construction finished by the original completion date.

Employee Offices
Not only did Marion Body Works’ offices grow in square footage, allowing for continued growth, they also incorporated many personal touches throughout their new building reflecting the company’s history and mission. For example, “Bud’s Bay” is the large vehicle showroom with high ceilings and overhead doors where clients can view finished products. It’s named after the late V.R. “Bud” Simpson, who bought the company in 1980. Around every corner, Marion Body pays homage to their roots with company artifacts, stories and photos woven into their new environment.

“We needed to have extra space, and we needed something that’s enticing to talented professionals and customers from around the globe,” said Marion Body Works President and CEO, Curt Ignacio. “We now have an office we think will take us through the next generation and beyond.”

Consolidated Construction designed and constructed the distinctive, 18,400 square foot Marion Body Works office, including:

• Large inspection bay to allow for client review and inspection of vehicles prior to delivery • Second floor war room for project and executive planning
• 16 private offices for executives and management
• 52 cubicle work stations_p7a4662
• 1905 Café employee lounge and patio
• Family Room or small conference room for huddle
• Boardroom featuring state-of-the-art technology,
including powered shades and a wall projector • Five
meeting/conference rooms
• Demolished two smaller, outdated office buildings

The new building uses conventional steel, traditional brick-face, and metal paneling to create an industrial look and feel. With a nod to their product line, the interior and exterior also feature a fire station influence that integrates seamlessly into their small town, residential location. During construction, Marion Body Works continued normal operations, so Consolidated Construction consciously minimized disruptions for _p7a4761employees and sequenced construction activities to coincide with their production and delivery schedules.

Warehouse and Production Facility Marion Body Works is known for its work on large vehicles, including fire and emergency trucks, semi-trucks, military defense vehicles, customized commercial trucks, and custom cabs. It specializes in engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, and welding, as well as testing and inspection. This means the warehouse and production facility needed to be multi-functional, and had to have well-proportioned ceilings.

Consolidated Construction completed the following steps during the 42,105 square foot expansion of the warehouse and production facility:

• Two 3-ton bridge cranes added_p7a4831-4836-4839-panoramic
• Accommodations for high-volume welding
• Two additional loading docks added with space for two more future docks

Getting the Timing Right
This 10-month project had a strict timeline based on customer orders and product delivery schedules. Despite many additions to the project, Consolidated Construction finished on time and under budget. In order to meet the needs of the customer while accommodating this delicate timeline, Consolidated Construction doubled its scheduling, communicated closely with the contractors and the customer, as well as rearranged some of the schedule and sequencing.  In the end, it was definitely worth the effort.

“To see their emotional connection to it and know that they are excited to pull up to their new building every day, there is no better feeling,” said Schwei.

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