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CompX International – Grayslake, IL

Featured Project


Building Use—Light Manufacturing; Marine and Security Products
Size—117,611 square feet
Design-Builder—Consolidated Construction Co., Inc.
Architect— Consolidated Construction Co., Inc.

This CompX International facility is actually seven pre-engineered buildings, each designed to address specific needs of the company’s three divisions. Consolidated Construction ensured that the building form was as impressive as its function. The exterior reflects a consistent, professional look and a cohesive CompX image, despite the need for a variety of building types and site elevations. This distinctive project is a model of the merit shop “can-do” philosophy, having been completed 16% under budget and in only 8 months.

• Three distinct business segments: security products, furniture components, marine
• Six different metal buildings were designed and ordered
• Managing of the unanticipated backfill of the watershed
• Various design techniques were used to accommodate for multiple elevations on the site
• World’s largest (at the time) freon-free HVAC rooftop units installed: six 20-ton and three 18-ton
• Coordination of union/merit shop work schedules and bid proposals
• No shutdowns during construction, including electrical, plumbing, and computer services – the company continued operations as usual throughout the project.

CompX chose to “Consolidate it” with one call.



In the preliminary budget phase, the original $9 million estimate was not feasible for the owner. With value-engineering and identifying additional qualified subcontractors, the estimate dropped to $7.3 million. Even after construction began, Consolidated continued its due diligence in finding cost effective solutions. In the end, the project was completed 16% under budget.


Consolidated Construction’s staff architect, Dale Nelsen, designed a 100,000-square-foot addition to an existing 17,000-square-foot facility to headquarter three distinct CompX business segments. To create a uniform exterior appearance while working with challenging site elevations, the building was designed in sections. Six separate pre-engineered buildings were designed with varying wall and eave heights. When placed on-site, however, the buildings came together with precision and stand as one, uniform building.


Various design techniques were used to accommodate for multiple elevations on the site and drainage challenges. To ensure uninterrupted company operations during construction, the new walls were built inside the one existing building; the pre-cast exterior walls were later removed, creating a seamless transition between buildings. The result is a uniform building shell that meets the owner’s budget and functionality requirements, while CompX employees experienced no interruption in their production and service.

Setting the Standard

Consolidated Construction was recognized by the Associated Builders and Contractors of Wisconsin with a Gold Award in its annual “Projects of Distinction” honors for the CompX project.

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