Construction Funding

We know where to look for construction funding


Financing a building project can be one of your most challenging obstacles. Is the project financially feasible? Have you developed your business plan? Calculated your soft costs? Are you located in an enterprise zone?

Consolidated Construction understands that your financial resource team must be built before any design or construction begins. So, we’ve brought the experts in-house to help you simplify from start to finish. We locate funding and financing opportunities, explain each thoroughly, develop the pro forma, complete the applications, and represent your best interests. It’s comprehensive. And effective.

Nail the funding with our economic development associates

Consolidated is the first Wisconsin­-based construction firm with a specialized economic development division, working on behalf of business owners to confidentially seek out and deliver the best public and private sector incentives available from local, state Department of Commerce, and federal government to be used for:

  • Design/Construction Services
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Hiring & Training of Personnel

Our clients are generally surprised at the savings or incentives they can obtain in every phase of a building project. Impressive rates of return on investment are common, the highest happening when our experts are contacted early in the planning stages.

Our in-house financial experts are ready to help simplify your project from start to finish. Nail the funding first with help from Consolidated.

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