BIM—technology that fuels collaboration

There’s a revolution happening now in building construction. It’s called Building Information Modeling (BIM), and it’s changing how buildings are designed, fabricated, constructed and maintained. Consolidated Construction is a leader in this innovative technology, using it for nearly 10 years. With an eye toward the future, we were one of the first design/builders in the state to adopt Autodesk Revit Architecture software in 2003.

BIM uses digital design information to represent vital physical and functional characteristics of a facility from initial 3D design concepts developed collaboratively with the owner. From the smallest details of plumbing and HVAC systems to the exterior shell, this modeling and visualization software allows building owners and the project team to see the building systems working together in three dimensions. Knowing these details resolves design conflicts, allows for off-site fabrication efficiencies, reduces construction time, and most importantly, prevents change orders.

All stakeholders work collaboratively at different phases of the facility’s lifecycle to add, remove, update, and modify all pertinent graphic and non-graphic information to reflect everyone’s role. Information is now transparent to all, which helps eliminate re-gathering or reformatting of information, reducing waste.

BIM provides early, reliable, accurate information and drives decision-making throughout a project’s duration that save time and money. Integrated within our proven project delivery method, this streamlining ensures a smooth, trouble-free project from beginning to end.