Gene Schleusner, Sr. Vice President of Business Development

Gene Schleusner_2014 LinkedinGene Schleusner, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Gene Schleusner joined Consolidated in 2009 and is now Senior Vice President of Business Development. He became a majority shareholder and was appointed to the board of directors in 2016.

Brought aboard as Strategic Account Manager in the hospitality division, Gene was entrusted to lead the company’s entry into that market. He subsequently launched a new business development plan and actively networked with national hotel brand managers and developers, owners and operators. He also established internal programs to address the special requirements of hotel construction and geographically diverse projects. By efficiently mobilizing crews and equipment, offering expertise in hotel project delivery, site and brand selection, and economic development services, Consolidated presented greater value and earned a competitive advantage within the hospitality market.

In 2016, Gene earned a leadership position as Senior Vice President of Business Development and company principal. In this role he oversees all business development activities and continues to develop Consolidated’s vertical market approach, forming new teams for education, manufacturing, senior living, and food and beverage markets, while developing his successor in the hospitality market. He now coaches and mentors Consolidated’s team of business development professionals, continues to network and lend his expertise to hospitality projects, and manages strategic initiatives related to company sales and market growth.