Steve Diedrich, Vice President of Risk Management

Steve Diedrich_2014 SMSteve Diedrich, Vice President of Risk Management

Steve joined Consolidated Construction in 2010 and currently oversees all risk management and project economic development assistance operations. He is a voting shareholder and serves on the company’s operations leadership team.

Prior to joining the company, Steve enjoyed a successful 25-year career as a commercial business lender. Steve was brought aboard Consolidated specifically to shepherd construction projects through private- and public-sector financing phases quickly and reduce risk to the company. He uses his experience to understand the portfolios and project objectives of client companies, then guides business owners through the complexities of financing and raising capital to their optimal advantage. Steve has played an active role in securing funding for several of Consolidated’s largest clients, moving their projects through to construction quickly and ensuring a more consistent company backlog.

In 2018 Steve was appointed to Vice President of Risk Management. In addition to his economic development duties, he is also responsible for for continuous improvement of corporate gross profit and net worth, and strengthening the company’s balance sheet, bonding position and capacity. His active management of the company’s internal and external risk maximizes shareholder value and customer satisfaction.