March 3, 2016

A Hands on Approach to School Construction with “Student Construction Manager of the Day”

Recently, Consolidated Construction began working with local architects and government officials to provide a solution to this rise in overcrowded schools. Teams are helping build additional schools in the state, but also remodel existing facilities to better accommodate their students and staff.

One school that Consolidated has been working with recently is Oakes Public School in Oakes, ND.  The school leadership and Consolidated teamed up to make this seemingly simple and straightforward construction project into an opportunity for learning, teaching and exploration for the student body.

Trades, construction and architecture are all at play on the job site, working hand in hand, and have provided a wealth of knowledge for the students to observe up close what this industry is all about. They have dubbed the honor of touring the job site, “Student Construction Manager of the Day”. A child is selected from the student body and paired up with the superintendent of the building project and is given a behind the scenes look at their school and how it is built.