4/2017 Consolidated Construction Partners with OSHA and North Dakota Safety Council to Ensure Safety Standards on New Building Project

As general contractor on the North Dakota Safety Council’s (NDSC) new 23,300-square-foot facility, Consolidated Construction Co., Inc. (CCC) has entered into a partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration Bismarck Area Office (OSHA) and NDSC to ensure the highest safety standards of all workers and sub-contractors throughout the building project. The purpose of the partnership is to fulfill four goals:

  1. Provide a partnership that will encourage involvement of all sub-contractors in the improvement of safety and health performance.
  2. Implement innovative strategies to eliminate serious accidents caused by the four primary construction hazards (falls, struck by, caught in, and electrical).
  3. Proactively work to prevent workforce fatalities, serious injuries and illnesses, and provide a safe work environment for employees at the project.
  4. Ensure that all serious health hazards are eliminated or reduced through appropriate controls, safe processes/procedures, and/or personal protective equipment.

“Consolidated Construction has an excellent safety track record and we are committed to continuing that,” said John Meulemans, CCC Safety Manager. “Partnerships like this are an important way to not only reinforce the safety measures we take and expect of our sub-contractors, but they help encourage the entire construction industry to be vigilant in its safety training and operations.”

This partnership was established DSC_0115to formalize a cooperative effort between CCC, OSHA and NDSC which are committed to encouraging companies to improve their safety and health performance voluntarily; to provide methods to assist them in their efforts, and to recognize companies with excellent safety and health programs. Under the agreement, CCC has the authority to correct safety hazards of their sub-contractors, assist sub-contractors in sub-contractor safety program development when they identify shortcomings, request technical assistance from OSHA and NDSC regarding standards interpretation and training, and ensure that sub-contractors effectively evaluate job hazards by phase, day and job as needed.

Three verification inspections will be conducted, with the first occurring within 30 days of the formalized agreement, the second within 90 days and a final inspection will take place within 14 days of project completion. In addition, NDSC will conduct its own weekly site safety inspections. Once the project is complete, the partners will prepare a joint project completion evaluation of the partnership to review success, lessons learned and changes made to meet the stated goals.


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