November 1, 2018

Five Reasons to Choose a Design-Build Contractor

Design-Build construction continues to grow in popularity as Owners turn to this streamlined project delivery system to save time, money, promote teamwork, and create more transparency throughout all stages of the building process.

The emergence of Design-Build comes in large part from the Owners’ growing preference for a single point of contact for their construction projects. In this method, accountability for accelerated completion schedules, price guarantees, and a positive partnering approach to the project lies squarely with the Design-Build contractor. No longer does the Owner have to deal individually with architects, engineers, and the contractor and other vendors.

According to a Construction Industry Institute/Penn State University study, Design-Build can result in up to 33.5% faster delivery and more than 6% lower costs than the traditional “design-bid-build” approach.

Here are five distinct benefits of choosing a Design-Build contractor:

Single Source Responsibility
With Design-Build, Owners benefit by having a single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and scheduling. The Design-Builder is accountable to fulfill Owner objectives regarding feasibility, design, budget, and schedule. This allows the Owner to focus on scope, needs, and timely decision-making. Just as important, it keeps the Owner’s budget and schedule in the forefront while eliminating potential finger pointing between the architect, engineer, and contractor.

Built In Quality
90% of project’s success is determined in the first 10% of the timeline when the Owners’ requirements are detailed. The Design-Builder brings architecture, engineering, cost estimating, scheduling, and construction expertise to the Owner’s team at the earliest stages of a project, charting the course for success. If the Design-Builder’s plans or specifications are deficient, it does not create a change order for the Owner—the Design-Builder maintains full responsibility. That responsibility is powerful motivation to manage the process carefully and deliver accurately against the Owners’ requirements.

Faster Project Completion
With Design-Build, the design and construction processes overlap. As a result, competitive bidding can be phased, redesigns are eliminated, materials with long lead times can be purchased earlier, and work can begin before construction documents are finalized. All without risk to the Owner. Design-Build allows construction time to be optimized and these time savings often translate into lower costs and earlier building availability.

Early Knowledge of Firm Costs
Cost information is developed in parallel with the preliminary design, and once the costs are established, the project team guides the design within the budget constraints. As a result, it does not require a significant up-front investment by the Owner to receive a firm cost structure.

You should expect your new facility to change your business world for the better. Having one firm handle design and construction gives Owners and their team of business leaders, departmental heads, and facility managers the ideal opportunity to collaborate on the construction project. The Design-Build team absorbs and values these perspectives and leverages them to deliver outstanding project results.